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OpenSMTP Update(s)

Contributed by tbert on from the stuck-in-the-queue dept.

Gilles Chehade (gilles@) has a recent blog post up about recent and upcoming work on OpenSMTPd, the greatest thing ever to happen to email†.

When I wrote the last blog post, we had just released 5.3.2 which was a minor release that fixed a few non-critical bugs that were reported to us since the first major release a few months earlier.

A while later, we released another minor release, 5.3.3, that also fixed minor bugs and brought some new non-invasive features to deal with common use-cases reported by our increasing user base.

OpenSMTPD 5.3.3 was very stable, it's been running on busy servers at work and we did not experience any bug with it while accepting and routing millions of daily messages with remote hosts on several machines.

It was a nice release for what it's worth :-)

What now ?

Well, we didn't stop hacking on OpenSMTPD and since 5.3.3 we have gone through lots of simplifications and adding new features. There are actually so many changes that a blog post can't possibly go through all of it but I'll discuss some of the most important and visible ones.

We have released new major version 5.4.1 a few days ago, and the features that are described below are all part of it. It is a very good release IMO and you should definitely take time to switch your 5.3.x setups to this new one.

If you hadn't caught it before, his previous update is also worth going through to get a glimpse into how this project has been improving over the last year.

† statement may not be factual

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  1. By Ted Walther ( on

    Great set of updates. I'm especially happy to see the new tables(5) manpage, that clears up a a lot that was unclear before.

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