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SNMP Queries now Possible with snmpctl(8)

Contributed by tbert on from the we-have-ways-of-making-you-walk dept.

Reyk Floeter has committed support for SNMP queries for snmpctl(8)


I just committed a simple SNMP client implementation to snmpctl/snmpd.
You can use it as an in-tree alternative to net-snmp's

$ snmpctl walk
$ snmpctl walk version 1 oid printerWorkingGroup
$ snmpctl -n walk oid ifMIB community "blah"

- no SNMPv3/USM support yet
- no bulk support yet (bulkwalk)
- not so many fancy options.

snmpd does not support loading of external MIB files, so you have to
use net-snmp if you want to load additional MIBs for the symbolic name
parsing.  snmpctl only shows symbolic names there are found in snmpd's

Testing welcome, especially with non-snmpd(8) agents.


Since the initial commit, several subsequent commits have been made, notably implementing the snmp bulk walk command. As always, testing is essential to assure the quality of the coming release.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Great, one less package to install!

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      > Great, one less package to install!

      well...eventually. or hacking mib.h


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