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A Small MPLS Test Network Built With OpenBSD

Contributed by tbert on from the ping-over-ospf-over-bgp-over-mpls dept.

Lawrence Teo recently posted a guide on how to run MPLS:

A few months ago, I wrote a diff to simplify the calculation of ICMP extension header checksums in the OpenBSD kernel. It so happened that the code is only used by the OpenBSD MPLS subsystem. I didn’t have access to an OpenBSD-based MPLS network at the time, nor was I familiar with MPLS in general; so in the spirit of the OpenBSD hacker mantra “shut up and hack,” I set out to build a small MPLS test network to test my diff. :)

Link to the complete article here.

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  1. By Raheel Hirani (raheel35) on

    I have made the small MPLS network same and according to given instructions with 3 OpenBSDs VMs and after testing the testbed i am not able to communicate between CE1 and CE2. I have OpenBSDs MPLS enabled. I have the same OSPFD, LDPD and BGPD configuration files as mentioned in the instructions.
    Also i had MPLS_DEBUG enabled in OpenBSD to get the debug prints for MPLS but havent got any of them. I have followed the exactly same steps.

    Can anyone guide me about the final output of the network means how can i communicate CE1 and CE2 (either using ping , traceroute or any other?). Is this communication is unidirectional or bidrectional? please guide me.
    Thanks in Advance.


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