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Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@) t2k13 report

Contributed by phessler on from the a twisty maze of dependencies dept.

One of our resident Hobbits, Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@) writes in with his report of the t2k13 Hackathon:
As usual, what I ended up doing during this hackathon was completely different from what I had in mind... which means my TODO list is still not shrinking :-/

Anyway, I worked on some of my regular stuffs, like GNOME, printing... and their dependencies as well as a bunch of ports updates. I spent the entire duration of the hackathon to test the latest xserver update from matthieu@ which was recently committed. This actually fixed a nasty reproducible crash with gnome-shell.

Thanks to the recent work of fgsch@ on python, I was able to move our default python3 version to version 3.3 and put 3.2 in the attic. This was once again a requirement for GNOME. As painful as maintaining a monster Desktop Environment is, it has the nice side effect to force us to move forward on a lot of things and I really want to thank all the developers helping me with implementing missing features on OpenBSD; my experience showed that they usually are very open to help.

Since the recent addition of shm_opem() by tedu@ I was finally able to fix a long standing deadlock in pulseaudio and took the opportunity to update it to its latest release.

I also added the getprogname() and setprogname() functions to our libc to ease some porting work. An upcoming Kerberos update from robert@ will also benefit from this.

Once that was done, I grep'd the whole ports tree to remove patches that dealt with our lack of {get,sec}progname() and shm_open().

I also played with Bacula with tape after krw@ had come up with a diff for our tape driver which greatly improved seek performance.

At last I've added DATADIRNAME to our default CONFIGURE_ENV in the ports tree infrastructure so that locales for ports get properly installed under PREFIX/share/locale without having to patch hundreds of ports.

As a conclusion, I obviously want to thank everyone involved into making this event possible. It was an amazing week, the location, accommodations and hackroom were truly great!

Many thanks for the update about the updates!

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