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Henning Brauer: t2k13 Hackathon Report - checksums, newqueue

Contributed by weerd on from the diff-queueing dept.

Second hacker to write in with a report on what he did is Henning Brauer (henning@), one of the main pf developers. During t2k13, he mostly worked on, you guessed it, pf:

Since I came to Canada for BSDcan already and used the week after to hike, I didn't have a jetlag to fight at the hackathon and made good progress.

First, there's the checksum diff, which was already finished - negotiated the commit details and timeframe with Theo. Diff is at, will go in a good week.

I then resurrected work on the queueing subsystem rewrite. Unfortunately the underlying queueing discipline, hfsc, can only dequeue packets from leaf classes. Talked to Kenjiro a bit more about it, but no matter what, changing this now makes the already giant diff even bigger, delays it further and would just get me completely mad. So for now I added checks so that you can only assign traffic to leaf queues, i. e. ones without child queues. That matches what we already have, lifting that limitation is really a seperate task to be done after. Makes things slightly less flexible than I'd want, but so be it for now. The diff is at, including manpage bits.

Aside from that I folded pf_test_state_{tcp,udp,other} into one, with a couple of cleanups on the way. Less code, easier to follow, should be a little bit faster even, but the main goal was de-duplication of code. That allowed for some followup cleanup and even more code to be deleted.

Now sitting at YYZ, boarding any minute. As after most hackathons totally exhausted, but quite happy with what I achieved. Had a good time here, it was great to see lots of friends again. Many good discussions, planning, designing future bits and so on, that only works face to face. Did I mention it was a lot of fun?

Many thanks to Ken for organzing this, the UofT has been a great host, special thanks to Russel. The BBQ at his house had truly amazing food - those who know me know what that statement from me means.

Thanks to all involved, and bye bye Canada, after more than 3 weeks, I'll be back.

Vielen Dank to Henning for his report and his work on pf!

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