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OpenBSD 5.1 Pre-Orders Started, New Song, Audio CD
Contributed by pitrh on Wed Mar 14 09:22:13 2012 (GMT)
from the bugs-be-gone dept.

As Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) announced in a message to the misc and announce mailing lists, pre-orders for the upcoming OpenBSD 5.1 have opened.

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 20:47:24
From: Theo de Raadt 
Subject: pre-orders activate for OpenBSD 5.1

It is that time again.  I have just activated pre-orders for CDs,
tshirts, and posters for the 5.1 release -- due May 1.

At the same time, I am making available the song that will come out
with the release (hmm, it is still moving out to the ftp mirrors at
the moment, but that is ok).  The song and details of it are linked

And this time there's even more goodies available for you to grab for your collection.

In the announcement, Theo goes on to write:

And there is something else.  Five years ago we made available an
Audio CD that contained 5 years of songs.  Well, we have made a new
audio CD since enough new songs have been made.  It is not very
expensive, so please consider buying this as well when you place any
order.  It has some rather nice liner notes.  Had some great fun
coming up with the cover for that CD: 
I'd also like you remind you that Michael Lucas new "SSH Mastery" book
is also now available, in case anyone was waiting for the 5.1 release
to place one order.

Please consider purchasing these items and/or making a donation, since
this is a very important revenue source which keeps the project going.

All told, lots of exciting material for OpenBSD users and supporters out there. Now make sure to point your browser to, and don't forget to head over to with your either your boss' credit card or your own.

After ordering and during the wait for your delivery, you should be able to snag a copy of the new song for the 5.1 release in either MP3 (5.1 MB) or Ogg Vorbis (4.0 MB) format.

Remember CD sales and donations are the main sources of project funding, so don't hang around, go ahead and order now. Be the first kid on your block with the new CDs!

Make your boss buy by the crateful!


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  Re: OpenBSD 5.1 Pre-Orders Started, New Song, Audio CD (mod 1/11)
by Renaud Allard (renaud) ( on Wed Mar 14 10:50:34 2012 (GMT)
  The preorders have also been open on openbsdeurope.
I placed my order :)
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  Re: OpenBSD 5.1 Pre-Orders Started, New Song, Audio CD (mod 3/5)
by Jesse (mathemajikian) on Fri Mar 23 01:28:50 2012 (GMT)
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  Re: OpenBSD 5.1 Pre-Orders Started, New Song, Audio CD (mod 5/5)
by Armin Besirovic (adioe3) ( on Fri Mar 23 12:02:47 2012 (GMT)
  Order placed: the CD set, shirt + poster. I'll hang the poster up in my office at work. Cheers!
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