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pcc 1.0 Released
Contributed by jj on Sun Apr 3 09:46:38 2011 (GMT)
from the so-fast-it-compiles-an-infinite-source-in-12-seconds dept.

No April Foolery: The Portable C Compiler version 1.0 was released on April 1st!
As with so many things BSD, this project proves that good code is timeless and can benefit from literally generations of review. It can build the majority of the BSD base systems (C++ code aside) and is undergoing continuous improvement.

Michael Dexter from BSDFund writes:

Thank you Ragge for all of your hard work, NYCBSDCon and Undeadly for setting this project in motion, and all of the awesome donors who made this milestone possible.

Over 100 supporters have brought pcc into the modern era with essential AMD64 support and key GCC compatibility.

Now comes the question of what's next. pcc currently has many architecture targets and features that are in various states of development including an often-requested C++ front end. You will find an ideas page here.

With mobile and embedded devices exploding in popularity, pcc's portability and elegantly-simple nature have never been more important. It's permissive licensing is also attractive to virtually all players involved and it is a logical choice for academic environments.

I am firmly convinced that there is a need for a quality, permissively-licensed software development tool chain and I invite you to do what you can to advance projects like LLVM and pcc.


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  Re: pcc 1.0 Released (mod -11/31)
by Mayuresh Kathe (mayuresh) ( on Mon Apr 4 03:45:17 2011 (GMT)

if the good beings in openbsd land had to choose between c++ and java, which would it be? and why?
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  Re: pcc 1.0 Released (mod 14/22)
by Bronnikov Sergey (estet) ( on Mon Apr 4 08:35:30 2011 (GMT)
  some historical mentions about pcc -
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  Re: pcc 1.0 Released (mod 8/30)
by Anton Long (archaros) ( on Tue Apr 5 19:28:53 2011 (GMT)
  Wonder how long it takes until they are able to drop gcc
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