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Packages test needed
Contributed by maxime on Fri Jan 28 15:23:12 2011 (GMT)
from the crash-test-dummies dept.

One week after the OpenBSD ports tree has been locked in order to polish the last improvements for the upcoming OpenBSD 4.9 release, Marc Espie (espie@) asked for intensive tests on the ports@ mailing list. Please read on for Marc's message:

From: Marc Espie 
Subject: Ports lock, testing, and priorities
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 10:44:33 +0100

Please do remember: the most important thing is that packages do
work. So report preferentially problems while installing BINARY
packages off the snapshot.

Knowing that so-and-so distfiles does not fetch is good info as well,
but it makes me worry, because it means people build their own
packages (which is cool and trendy), but

So, test, test, test!

Users willing to help the project are strongly urged to install a recent OpenBSD-current snapshot and the binary packaged version of their favorite software to check that everything installs and runs fine on as many hardware architectures as possible. Each bug found should be reported on the ports@ mailing list.


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Threshold: Help

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  Re: Packages test needed (mod 5/17)
by Anonymous Coward (anon) on Sun Jan 30 12:17:11 2011 (GMT)
  by the way, we already know about "Can't parse [...] (not a manpage ?)" and "Weird subject line in [...]" messages at pkg_add time.
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  Re: Packages test needed (mod 9/17)
by Richard Toohey (richardtoohey) ( on Thu Feb 3 02:18:16 2011 (GMT)
  Just to make sure I'm doing something useful, is the following right?

1. Download

2. Burn to CD with something like cdio tao install49.iso

3. Install

4. export PKG_PATH=

5. Install packages with e.g. pkg_add -vr vim-7.3.3p1-gtk2.tgz

I've installed vim, php 5.2.17, firefox 3.6.13 and OpenOffice 3.3.0 and all seem OK (got the Weird subject line and not a manpage error on OpenOffice but not the others.)

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