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OpenBSD 4.6 Postponed to November 1
Contributed by jason on Fri Sep 18 01:43:27 2009 (GMT)
from the more-time-to-preorder dept.

Theo de Raadt announced an unfortunate delay of OpenBSD 4.6. Problems with the CD manufacturer have forced the release back to the normal schedule. Read on for the full details.

Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 17:41:12 -0600
From: Theo de Raadt 
Subject: 4.6 postponed to Nov 1

The 4.6 release will be postponed to Nov 1.

There have had serious CD production problems.  Because everything in 
CD manufacturing is so ridiculously outsourced, all I know is that the 
plant which was used this time (Q Media services Corp in Vancouver) 
have made about 6 faulty CD pressings in a row.  I will stop saying 
more, otherwise this will quickly turn into a rant.

We intended to release on Oct 1 because the tree was frozen earlier 
(as jj has described on, this was so that the f2k9 
hackathon could occur in August, with an unlocked source).

But we will go back to the standard Nov 1 schedule.  Sorry about 
the delay.

Thank you very much for those of you who have pre-ordered.

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  Re: OpenBSD 4.6 Postponed to November 1 (mod 6/58)
by Anonymous Coward (mehh) ( on Fri Sep 18 05:32:13 2009 (GMT)
  Good luck to get that sorted!
One more month to get the preorders in!
Take care!
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  Just came in (mod 5/63)
by Kevin R (kevin) ( on Fri Oct 2 15:26:03 2009 (GMT)
  I just got my CD set in the mail.
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