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Call For Donations - HPPA and VAX machines needed in Sweden
Contributed by jason on Sun Jul 19 14:17:15 2009 (GMT)
from the vintage-computers-save-the-day dept.

Update (Sun Jul 19 16:15:43 CEST 2009): We have now received an offer to have a HPPA shipped in, thank you!

This year's developer's meeting with a focus on filesystems, f2k9, will take place in August, just a few weeks from now. There's a need for a HPPA and a VAX to test the code being worked on. During c2k9 a lot of progress was made but was subsequently backed out due to some problems that are easiest to spot on HPPA. This time around it would be nice to have this architecture present so as to make sure to spot any and all problems as work is progressing. Further to that a VAX machine is needed to test NFS.

Therefore we're putting out a call for donations for a HPPA and a VAX machine which is needed in Stockholm (Sweden) by early August. The HPPA should preferably be one of the B1000, B2000/B2600, C3000, C3600, C3650, C3700 or C3750 models. If you have such a machine or can arrange for a donation of such a machine please contact thib@ and johan@.


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  Re: Call For Donations - HPPA and VAX machines needed in Sweden (mod 5/43)
by Skey ( on Sat Jul 18 07:45:31 2009 (GMT)
  Filesystems? Will OpenBSD finally get a modern filesystem like HAMMER or NILFS?
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