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  Re: Passive Aggressive Spam Filtering (mod -2/32)
by Nudzo (2002:59ad:5eeb:1:214:4fff:fe0f:e7d4) ( on Fri Jul 17 09:34:18 2009 (GMT)
  My experiences in short:
1. it took in common 1-2 day to go through gray list when sender has more mail server... for example gmail. But when it is in white list, everything works fine. Sometimes it is hard to explain it to BFU, cause they about mail the same way as instant messaging. ;-)
2. I've put spamd only to filter mail going from internet. Users has other IP/DNS with the real mailserver, which only accepts mail after authorization, so users can send mail out instantly. OpenBSD queues mails from internet in its sendmail and forward it then to real mailserver with accounts.
3. When other servers going down overloaded by spamassassin, OpenBSD load is under 1. ;-) I've put OpenBSD on LDOM on T1000 SPARC machine to make firewall and spam filtering for Solaris LDOMs. It seems to be very good decision.

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