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  Re: pf.os (mod 7/27)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Sun Jul 19 13:25:27 2009 (GMT)
  > > Being able to identify and block Windows hosts would increase the ability to block spam. pf.os is a bit out of date and lacks the fingerprints for the latest strains.
> [Not sure why my original reply was deleted.....]
> Being able to identify and block ALL hosts would increase the ability to block spam. But what kind of an answer is that?
> Would you really block incoming bid requests from Exchange or MDaemon or other Windows mail servers? I doubt the sales department would let you get away with it. Under what scenario would you possibly want to block Windows hosts [other than a trivial vanity domain for technical xenophobes] ?

Blocking, agreed. But it's useful for greylisting; if you only want to do partial greylisting, Windows hosts are a good target for being greylisted.
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