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  Re: Passive Aggressive Spam Filtering (mod 2/30)
by Anthony (2001:470:81c2:200:207:e9ff:fe39:24e8) on Sat Jul 18 14:22:17 2009 (GMT)
  > An idea came to me after reading this article; another way to handle this would be to pull in a bunch of fairly aggressive blocklists (not worry about false positives), greylist addresses on those lists, and pass the others... Constructing the tables and PF ruleset is left as an exercise to the reader :-)

That's exactly what I do. Even the aggressive ones with big netblocks aren't that big a deal when all they get is greylisted.

pfctl -t rbl -T replace -f /tmp/concated_lists

This removes IPs that aren't in the file anymore, and adds new ones that are. All it needs is a newline delimited file. I recommend the AMD64 port, i386 is limited to 768 mb of kernel memory and AMD64 is 4 gigs. That'll get you 15+ million table entries, which goes a long way when some of them are big prefixes from aggressive lists.
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