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  Re: SPF and Greylisting? (mod 10/28)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Sat Jul 18 01:52:38 2009 (GMT)
  >You'd probably want to ignore ?all records when doing this, but anyone who publishes accurate SPF records could then resend from any of their mail servers.

What if the SPF record allows and, etc.,? It would take nothing for a spam domain to designate all of Afrinic, for example, as valid senders.

There was a spamd patch floating around [misc@ or tech@ ?] that would allow resends from the same /24 subnet, which is reasonable.

I was called at home during supper one night a few years ago, because some mail wasn't coming through. The sender's first connection came from .10, then .11, and .12 and so forth. The bad part was that the sender was the company buying us, and the emails were the final signing documents. Made me look very bad, indeed, holding up the sale of the company, even if the fix was just whitelisting their /24.

Would be nice if spamd had a knob ("Knobs be damned!") that allowed you to designate the subnet mask (default /32) to apply to the sender.
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