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New Ports of the Week #5 (February 2)

Contributed by merdely on from the 19-0 dept.

There are 11 new ports for the week of January 27 to February 2:
databases/ruby-mysql, devel/ruby-highline, devel/ruby-mocha, games/pioneers, graphics/ruby-gd2, mail/libspf2, sysutils/ruby-capistrano, textproc/sim, www/trac-ldapplugin, x11/gnome/ghex, x11/kde4/extragear-plasma

Ports are listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • x11/kde4/extragear-plasma
    • Extragear Plasma is some eye candy for kde4.
  • textproc/sim
    • SIM tests lexical similarity in texts in C, Java, Pascal, Modula-2, Lisp, Miranda, and natural language. It is used:
      • to detect potentially duplicated code fragments in large software projects, in program text, in shell scripts and in documentation
      • to detect plagiarism in software projects, educational and otherwise
  • x11/gnome/ghex
    • GHex (Gnome binary file editor) allows the user to load data from any file, view and edit it in either hex or ascii.
  • mail/libspf2
    • libspf2 is an implementation of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF). It allows email systems to check SPF records and make sure that the email is authorized by the domain name that it is coming from. This prevents email forgery, commonly used by spammers, scammers and email viruses/worms.
  • www/trac-ldapplugin
    • The Trac LDAP Plugin adds LDAP support with group management to Trac. This extension enables to use existing LDAP groups to grant permissions rather than defining permissions for every single user on the system. The latest release also permits to store permissions (both users and groups permissions) in the LDAP directory itself rather than in the SQL backend.
  • games/pioneers
    • Pioneers is an Internet playable implementation of the Settlers of Catan board game. The aim is to remain as faithful to the board game as possible.
      It replaces the very old, unmaintained and broken gnocatan program.
  • devel/ruby-highline
    • HighLine a high-level IO library that provides validation, type conversion, and more for command-line interfaces. HighLine also includes a complete menu system that can crank out anything from simple list selection to complete shells with just minutes of work.
  • devel/ruby-mocha
    • Mocha is a library for mocking and stubbing using a syntax like that of JMock and SchMock. Most commonly Mocha is used in conjunction with Test::Unit, but it can be used in other contexts.

      One of its main advantages is that it allows you to mock and stub methods on real (non-mock) classes and instances. You can for example stub ActiveRecord instance methods like create, save, destroy and even class methods like find to avoid hitting the database in unit tests.

      Mocha provides a unified, simple and readable syntax for both traditional mocking and for mocking with real objects.
  • sysutils/ruby-capistrano
    • Capistrano is a utility and framework for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines, via SSH. It uses a simple DSL (borrowed in part from Rake that allows you to define _tasks_), which may be applied to machines in certain roles. It also supports tunneling connections via some gateway machine to allow operations to be performed behind VPN's and firewalls.

      Capistrano was originally designed to simplify and automate deployment of web applications to distributed environments, and originally came bundled with a set of tasks designed for deploying Rails applications.
  • databases/ruby-mysql
    • ruby-mysql is the MySQL API module for Ruby. It provides the same functions for Ruby programs that the MySQL C API provides for C programs.
  • graphics/ruby-gd2
    • Ruby/GD2 provides an interface to the gd2 graphics library.

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