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  Re: Jun-ichiro “itojun” Itoh Hagino (mod 4/74)
by Igor Sobrado (sobrado) (sobrado@) on Wed Oct 31 13:32:19 2007 (GMT)
  It is very sad that Itojun is dead now. He was an excellent and kindly developer, not only a member of OpenBSD but also a contributor on a lot of other important software projects (including most BSDs). He was a member of the KAME project core team too; in fact, his more notable contributions are to the IPv6 stack on the BSD operating systems. I knew about his work on IPv6 on NetBSD some years ago, and followed his contributions with a very high interest since then.

I am really socked about these very bad news; we had been working by email on an Internet-Draft he was writing last weekend. It is difficult to say how I feel right now.

We will certainly miss Itojun.
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