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  Re: Jun-ichiro “itojun” Itoh Hagino (mod 6/74)
by mcbride (2001:240:688:98::1) ( on Wed Oct 31 01:51:53 2007 (GMT)

This is very sad news.

Itojun was patience with my modifications to OpenBSD's IPv6 code and my IPv6 parsing bugs in PF were very humbling; for Itojun it was never about being right, it was about doing the right thing. We've lost both an outstanding technical hacker and a passionate advocate for sanity in the standards process.

However, Itojun's passion was not limited to IPv6 - he often said that he was a geek about everything, and it's true: his interest in music, books, movies, food and culture was amazing (and well documented for the past 12 years on his blog). Tokyo, and the world, is a less interesting place without him.

More photos of Itojun

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