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xmonad 0.3 and OpenBSD -current
Contributed by merdely on Fri Sep 21 14:55:58 2007 (GMT)
from the xgooeyness dept.

Andrei GUDIU writes about his experiences getting xmonad 0.3 running on OpenBSD -current. Xmonad is a tiling window manager for X written in Haskell.

Last week I decided to switch to xmonad, I started to do a little research about it and found out that xmonad 0.3 is what I want.

He goes on to explain what he did to get version 0.3 running.

I know xmonad 0.2 is in the ports but I want the floating layer that xmonad 0.3 has. For 0.3 I needed a new ghc so I decided to switch to OpenBSD -current. I grabbed the sources, compiled a new kernel and a new userland. Got the new ports and compiled ghc. Grabbed xmonad and hs-x11-extras and compiled the new xmonad 0.3. Well, now I'm a happy xmonad 0.3 user on a shiny new 4.2.

I started using dzen2, xmobar and kept the gkrellm I had on windowmaker. So after reading lots of docs and tutorials I thought I'd like to give something back. I wrote a small tutorial, actually a little story of my xmonad 0.3 on openbsd. It contains my configuration files and some shell/perl scripts for dzen.

Andrei's write-up, his configuration examples and his scripts are available on his web site.


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  Re: xmonad 0.3 and OpenBSD -current (mod 1/25)
by Matthias Kilian ( ( on Fri Sep 21 15:38:40 2007 (GMT)
  Well, hs-x11-extras-0.3 is already in the tree for some days, so please check wether your local copy of the ports tree is really up-to-date.

Also note that I hope to get xmonad-0.3 ready for ports in a few days; maybe I'll add some features from xmonad-contrib, but I'm not quite sure *which* features...
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