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  Re: Theo de Raadt on Relicensing BSD Code (mod 1/31)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Tue Sep 25 06:33:31 2007 (GMT)
  > According to this link:
> Seems they just add their names and take credit at will or is this fair play for both sides?
> If not, and as one person posted on, isn't this indeed a form of plagiarism - or is this now the right track to a fair and mutual solution?
> Just a question, I'm curious is all - and from what I've read, I'm totally with Theo - if I can donate a little more to help with all this, I will, but hopefully neither side wastes time getting lawyers involved for something the Linux/GPL folks should simply respect, appreciate and understand as Theo has pointed out several times.
Are you kidding me ? Over half of the software in OpenBSD is GPL ! I am sick of people spreading lies. Mr Beck you try to evoke a divide one more time and I am off change what runs OpenBSD here to NetBSD and OpenBSD can write the "Theo" license or whatever the hell they want to call it. I already have NetBSD computers here so it would be no problem and less BS from people spreading FUD like saying they would never write any GPL code etc. If you don't like the GPL then remove the code and you will not have a running computer ! I don't see the camps You and Theo speak of ? I see licenses and a bunch of brats arguing with lawyers.
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