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  Re: Do the right thing - Its not too late (mod -12/42)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Fri Sep 14 13:11:30 2007 (GMT)
  > Isn't time the Linux wireless developers involved do the right thing? Take for example when some GPL code showed up in one of OpenBSD's drivers - what did Theo do? The whole driver was removed. Problem solved in short time. What do Linux devs do? Go run to agenda driven lawyers who tell them to ignore the BSD license. Isn't it about time they own up the their mistakes and stop messing around?

You know, perhaps it is time the Linux wireless developers purged BSD code from the Linux kernel. It's obviously tainted, the OpenBSD developers have obviously been dishonest and duplicitous in suggesting that they're happy about it being incorporated into Linux, and it's probably time OpenBSD was seen not as a free software operating system, but as legal leprosy.

Alternatively, the few reasonable people left in the BSD community need to come out, stand up, say "People like Theo, Deanne, et al do NOT speak for us", and start working with their like minded cousins in the Linux community, rather than letting the BSD license zealots tear the free software community apart.
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