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  Re: Do the right thing - Its not too late (mod -10/42)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Thu Sep 13 14:08:14 2007 (GMT)
  > Isn't time the Linux wireless developers involved do the right thing? Take for example when some GPL code showed up in one of OpenBSD's drivers - what did Theo do? The whole driver was removed. Problem solved in short time. What do Linux devs do? Go run to agenda driven lawyers who tell them to ignore the BSD license. Isn't it about time they own up the their mistakes and stop messing around?


There was a PROPOSED change, posted as a diff to a mailing list. It was REJECTED by the Linux development community. There's discussion of whether it was, in whole or part, a genuine copyright violation.

You're telling them to remove code from the kernel that nobody is claiming, at this stage, is in violation of any licenses.

The *BSD community is really showing bad faith by asserting that this is similar in any way to the situation a few months ago, where the copyright violation happened, it was deliberate, and the OpenBSD team were, for a time, redistributing code with an unauthorized license change.
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