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  Re: Theo de Raadt on Relicensing BSD Code (mod 6/44)
by Bob Beck ( ( on Thu Sep 13 04:07:10 2007 (GMT)
  > I know it's Reyk's code and he can do what he likes and I trust him and Theo to have the legal details correct, but geez does it ever suck to see open source people talk about suing each other. What a mess!

I think it's a mess too, but the fact is if people are not going to respect the copyright under which we release our work. what other recourse do you have? Ideally, seeing as how even *corporate* users of BSD code
have shown time and time again over the years that they can respect it, You would think that most other free software projects would have no problem with this. If you don't do something about it, what stops it the next time?

Notwithstanding the illegalities, I think it's appaling that those wishing to work on Linux and make BSD code run there (which I applaud)
can't understand that wrapping a GPL around it would not be hostile. They know perfectly well that means that BSD can't take it back. Why on earth,
ethicly, would you hand someone an olive branch to say "work with me! thanks - let's do some common good" - and then stab them in the back like that. That is the real damage to the community.

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