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  Re: I'm wating for it to be moved into ports/packages (mod -4/74)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Mon Jul 10 20:59:19 2006 (GMT)
  > <hopeless hope>
> Or less likely it will get moved to the attic for a replacement of Xorg called OpenX or maybe they'd rename it to OpenWindows. Redmond might not like that though.
> </hopeless hope>

That's just stupid. What the hell is wrong with Xorg? So they decided to switch from imake to GNU autotools, big fucking deal. What a stupid reason to call for the creation of another implementation of X Windows. Shouldn't you be calling for the creation of some sort of BSD-licensed autoconf/automake/pkgconfig replacement if you really are that irrationally opposed to the idea of a piece of the base system requiring GPL'd software to build?
In fact, just because modular Xorg requires GNU autotools to compile doesn't mean GNU autotools needs to become part of the base system. Being only required for _building_, they can remain in the ports tree.
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