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  Re: X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD (mod 6/78)
by Igor Sobrado ( on Sun Jul 16 11:34:32 2006 (GMT)
  > > Because xlogo and xeyes are a component of X11 since 1986-87
> I don't see why that means we should keep them. Tradition for tradition's sake?

We should not remove an OS component without a good reason to do it. Replacing RCS and CVS with OpenCVS makes sense to me, as we will have a clean, audited and maintained revision control system (and it is even more important for CVS, as it allows remote repositories reachable from untrusted hosts). Same about replacing GNU's gzip with a front-end to the zlib library. But removing a small and stable client that most Unix users will expect in the X11 distribution only because it is not widely used does not seem right to me.

> > In fact, xlogo is useful to check that the render extension is enabled too!
> That's kind of silly, when there's:
> $ xdpyinfo | grep RENDER

Well, we know if the render extension is enabled looking at the output of xdpyinfo, but xlogo shows how an application will look when using this extension too. It shows how a render-enabled client must look and if this extension is working as we expect in our current hardware. (e.g., will the render extension work on an old X/Terminal connected to an X server using XDMCP?)
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