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  Re: DRI? (mod 5/65)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Fri Jul 14 23:18:45 2006 (GMT)
  > Isn't there a less-functional open source ati solution? ati-gatos?

Yeah, but last I checked it was a pain to build on OpenBSD. There is also a patch against Xorg's driver, but it is GPL.

Still, a GPL'd driver is better than none, so one day when I have lots of "recompile X with patches written by linux folk which may or may not work" time, I may try to get it working.

Don't get me wrong, the ati driver in tree right now works very very well for me, I am pleased with it. I just want s-video output, which is not presently supported.

Last I heard somebody was tryng to get the guy that wrote the GPL patch to agree to an X licence. That was a year ago.
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