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  Re: X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD (mod 2/76)
by Igor Sobrado ( on Wed Jul 12 15:25:12 2006 (GMT)
  > First this is a great opportunity to weed out accumulated fluff and cruft from X -- perhaps moving some of it to ports (or nowhere at all; Does anyone really need or want xeyes?)

Yes, period. We need all these tools. We *need* xclock, xclipboard, xmh, xterm and so on. These are very useful tools when running simple window managers as FVWM or mwm. xeyes and xlogo are a component of X11 too.

xclock, xterm and so on are *required* for people not running Gnome or KDE on their machines. xclipboard is a very useful clipboard able to store hundreds of pasted (and editable!) texts concurrently. xmh is an excellent front-end to nmh. xeyes and xlogo are part of X11 too.

I will ask not only to provide these useful components of X11 but also to fix their current bugs. xclipboard and xmh broke when XFree86 4 was released (xclipboard does not show the sliding bars on large texts or the black rectangle on lines longer than the xwindow width, xmh has issues incorporating new mail that require "resizing" the windows to refresh and update them to make it readable). All these features worked nicely on XFree86 3.x. I submitted a PR on these matters some years ago but no one cared about it.

Oh yes, of course... we can convert X.Org on a platform to support new graphic hardware for KDE/Gnome only but, in this case, I will certainly switch to another platform that supports true X11 again! Gnome and KDE are not the way for some people here.
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