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  Re: X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD (mod 3/67)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Mon Jul 10 23:43:09 2006 (GMT)
  > > I'd like to perceive. The OpenBSD X11 maintaner will use the xenocara instead of GNU autotools, or they will live together?
> > With other words, X11 maintaner must use xenocara and GNU autotools also - or the OpenBSD eject the GNU autotools?
> Xenocara is a set of Makefile.bsd-wrapper style makefiles to drive autotools.
> We have a MIT-licensed replacement for pkgconfig to use there.

I'm thinking/wondering two things:

First this is a great opportunity to weed out accumulated fluff and cruft from X -- perhaps moving some of it to ports (or nowhere at all; Does anyone really need or want xeyes?)

I'm assuming there are still some other GNU autotools dependencies? I'm wondering will the necessary tools require installation autotools installation from ports, or will the necessary autotools be imported into the GNU portion of the source tree? It is nice to keep the GNU stuff to a minimum, but I guess 'ya need what ya need'. Not a big deal either way, I'm just curious.
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