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X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD
Contributed by mbalmer on Mon Jul 10 16:00:00 2006 (GMT)
from the x10-x11-x12 dept.

Matthieu Herrb, matthieu@, reports on changes made to X.Org which will affect the way X11 is built on OpenBSD:

The new X.Org release will be imported in OpenBSD shortly after OpenBSD 4.0 release, to be ready for OpenBSD 4.1. As people may already know, one of the main change in X.Org 7.x is a new modular build system, using GNU autotools. The X.Org source tree has been split into more than three hundred ( more or less independdant packages.

The existing X11 source tree, built using the imake build system, was considered as a big monolithic thing in which most developers found themselves uncomfortable. The need for global releases, updating all drivers at once every six month or so doesn't really fit the market of graphics cards that can produce new models more often than that timeframe.

Based on the experiences of other software projects, it was decided to switch to a more modular organization of the project, with more or less independent components ( ). This new organization will allow drivers maintainers (or others) to make independent releases, whenever they are needed.

X.Org has decided that the best tools to manage the build of this new modularized source tree are the GNU auto-tools. They have an existing large user and developer base, and thus feel easier to use by the majority of developers. Being maintained outside of the X.Org project is supposed to lower the maintenance burden on the X developers which are now free to concentrate on their code. The gnome pkg-config tool is used to keep track of version dependencies between new modules.

And how does this all affect the OpenBSD CVS repository? To coordinate the build of the myriad of packages, I've been working on a "meta" build system, using Makefile.bsd-wrapper. I've named this system "xenocara" after the fish known to clean the aquarium's windows ( I already have a fully working X11R7.1 installation on i386, amd64 and macppc machines. Other arches will follow in the next weeks, and I will also finish merge OpenBSD local changes into the new X.


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  Re: X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD (mod -6/76)
by Venture37 ( (venture37 (AT) hotmail DOT com) on Mon Jul 10 16:17:11 2006 (GMT)
  hmm, a new fish on the scene huh, time for a fight I think!!!

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  Re: X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD (mod -2/86)
by kalevala ( on Mon Jul 10 17:17:04 2006 (GMT)
  I'd like to perceive. The OpenBSD X11 maintaner will use the xenocara instead of GNU autotools, or they will live together?
With other words, X11 maintaner must use xenocara and GNU autotools also - or the OpenBSD eject the GNU autotools?
Thank you for your answer.
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  Re: X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD (mod -2/80)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Mon Jul 10 17:52:12 2006 (GMT)
  Does this means that OpenBSD cvs will import gnome's pkg-config ?

GNU autohell seems less likely of course ... so what will be the alternative ? will the OpenBSD's cvs import pre-configured (in the autoconf sense) sources ?

How will you avoid the heavy burden to merge a different build system, at every resync beetween OpenBSD's cvs and's one ?

Does the new version brings good things (beside drivers) for OpenBSD ? specifically: will it provide a better support for old/minority architectures (could it obsolete xfree3) ?

Also: will we have yet an other - the third, beside X11 (XFree3) and XF4 (XFree4) - X11 sources cvs module in the OpenBSD cvs, or will the others be removed ?
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  I'm wating for it to be moved into ports/packages (mod -7/81)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Mon Jul 10 19:58:44 2006 (GMT)
  I think the subject says it all.
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  I detect a subte irony here... (mod 5/81)
by Noryungi ( (n o r y u n g i @ y a h o o . c o m) on Mon Jul 10 20:12:47 2006 (GMT)
  Since the Xenocara is such an ugly fish... Is that a little jab intended for the programmers? :-)
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  DRI? (mod -1/85)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Tue Jul 11 01:25:24 2006 (GMT)
  Are there any plans to implement DRM/DRI? A good, minimal kernel-side video driver could avoid most of the problems that loic spoke of....
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      Re: DRI? (5/71) by Anonymous Coward on Thu Jul 13 03:20:30 2006 (GMT)
        Re: DRI? (4/70) by Anonymous Coward on Fri Jul 14 21:50:01 2006 (GMT)
          Re: DRI? (5/65) by Anonymous Coward on Fri Jul 14 23:18:45 2006 (GMT)

  Re: X.Org X11R7.x in OpenBSD (mod 9/71)
by Simon 'simmel' Lundström ( on Tue Feb 20 19:12:35 2007 (GMT)
  Just for the record, their site is at
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