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Short write up on running Darwin Streaming Server with OpenBSD

Contributed by grey on from the kissd, now this, anyone have MythTV ported for an obsd-htpc? dept.

Thanks to Venture37 for writing in:

I've written a short/quick update on getting Darwin Streaming Server running OpenBSD 3.5

Casual mention of the Darwin streaming server was previously made on deadly here. Additionally, Venture's article cites a simiarly themed misc@ article.

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  1. By Eduardo Alvarenga ( eduardo at thrx dot org on

    Is there a chance for a port beeing commited?
    I can handle it if needed.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Whats the deal with APSL code and the ports tree ?

      1. By Eduardo Alvarenga ( on

        Not if FETCH_MANUALLY is used

  2. By Pat ( on

    GeekLAN seems to be down for some time now. Anybody has the diff which was there and could put it up for download?

    1. By Venture37 ( on

      Geeklan is back up & running again


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