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  IMO the manpages need a significant addition (mod -1/41)
by Matt Van Mater ( on Fri Jul 16 20:20:19 2004 (GMT)
  The manpages are listed here: In the last undeadly post about the new ntpd here: It was mentioned that if you don't specify which ntp server you want to syncronize with, the prograsm will automatically choose 8 different stratum 2 servers to sync from. This very important feature is not listed in the manpages at all and I think they should be added. Also, as a matter of curiosity, I'd like to see a blurb showing how the random 8 stratum 2 servers are chosen (a parsing of the list that Uni Deleware publishes?), and which ones you are currently configured to use. This is still a really kickass thing. thanks guys!
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