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FYI: issues with pf and ipv6 in -current
Contributed by grey on Fri Jul 16 17:59:55 2004 (GMT)
from the running with knives dept.

As posted to tech@ yesterday, there are currently some unresolved bugs with ipv6 & pf in -current.

Naturally, if you are running 3.5 -release or -stable you should be fine. Those who play with bleeding edge releases should already be aware of shortcomings such as this that arise and are resolved from time to time.

UPDATE: please note Daniel Hartmeier's follow up, stating that the offending changes have been backed out, thus confirming itojun's query found here.

Here is the original post:

List:       openbsd-tech
Subject:    pf and ip6
From:       Theo de Raadt 
Date:       2004-07-14 7:55:30
Message-ID: <200407140755.i6E7tUtj018595 () cvs ! openbsd ! org>

pf currently has a number of bugs regarding ipv6.  I suggest that
noone running -current rely on it.  It's been broken now in a variety
of ways for about 4 weeks, and only weak efforts are being made to
resolve the issues.

Sorry about that; but my efforts at compelling all the pf developers
to fix this have not gotten us anywhere.

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  Re: FYI: issues with pf and ipv6 in -current (mod 18/68)
by Daniel Hartmeier ( ( on Thu Jul 15 19:18:45 2004 (GMT)
  Some problems resulted from the IPv6 scrubbing feature added recently, which was backed out again. That has resolved all problems attributed to pf and IPv6 that I know about.

If there is anything left unresolved, please confirm after updating again (but beware of the flag day) and open a bug report. The lazy-ass pf developers can't fix bugs they don't know about. Thank you. :)

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