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new ntpd in base
Contributed by grey on Sat Jul 10 00:30:59 2004 (GMT)
from the dusting for daemons dept.

As announced here the NTP daemon which we mentioned was being worked on here is now in the base install of OpenBSD.

Here is the complete announcement as posted to misc@:
OpenBSD now includes an NTP daemon in the base install.
It is written from scratch by alexander@ and myself.
Of course it is privilege seperated, chroot()ed etc ;)

It is very easy to use; basically all you need to do is to add
to your /etc/rc.conf.local (or change that line in rc.conf for those 
who need to feel the pain). The default cofiguration file is completely 
usable, it randomly picks 8 public stratum 2 ntp servers to synchronize 

Unlike xntpd, ntpd is just what we call an network input engine. It does 
not do much timekeeping on its own, instead, it feeds the in-kernel 
timekeeping using adjtime(2), and can redistribute that time.

With the work done today ntpd(8) is now fully usable. Please use it and 
report back.



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  Re: new ntpd in base (mod 10/74)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Sat Jul 10 01:16:05 2004 (GMT)
  If I recall correctly, it also does sntp? ntp over ssl? or something like that. Please clue me in. Thx!
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  Re: new ntpd in base (mod 5/73)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Sat Jul 10 02:17:40 2004 (GMT)
  OpenBSD-current from today (CVS: July 9th 2004): -bash-2.05b# /usr/sbin/ntpd /etc/ntpd.conf: No such file or directory ntpd in free(): error: junk pointer, too high to make sense Abort trap (core dumped)
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  Re: new ntpd in base (mod -2/72)
by Richard Bejtlich ( on Sat Jul 10 13:09:32 2004 (GMT)
  Is it possible to bind this ntpd to a specified interface? This has been a feature request several years in the making at

Thank you,


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  Portable version of ntpd (mod 1/75)
by gwyllion ( on Mon Jul 12 16:06:56 2004 (GMT)
  Darren Tucker has created a portable version of this ntp implementation: openntpd. It is available at
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  Install script (mod -4/68)
by Aasmund ( on Thu Jul 15 21:14:54 2004 (GMT)
  does the install script configure it? if not, maybe I could do it?
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