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ISP using OpenBSD hits Netcraft's top 10 in reliability.

Contributed by grey on from the way to go secdog dept.

Thanks to Noryungi for writing in: The latest Netcraft Top 10 most reliable providers is now posted online. The interesting thing is that, which heavily uses OpenBSD is in the Top 10.

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  1. By tragiclos ( on

    From their website (

    "Most servers deployed by Secure Dog Hosting run RedHat Linux."

    1. By gwyllion ( on

      From their website as well.
      Secure Dog Hosting utilizes OpenBSD for our most security conscious clients. OpenBSD has provided Secure Dog Hosting with the ability to host in a "secure by default" environment. OpenBSD has been recognized as one of the most secure operating systems available.

      1. By spyretto ( on

        I don't get it .. Why they don't just use OpenBSD everywhere ? (Not that Linux is bad)

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          Because Linux is more known.
          Their clients ask for linux on the servers they have access to, because they know linux. So, from a business point of view, it's logical to run linux on the servers their clients have access to.
          Firewalls and other infrastructure servers probably run OpenBSD
          Heck, you can probably even host a server on windows there, if you really want to, and if you pay the bill.

          1. By StarKilLer ( on

            SecDog does use OpenBSD for their infrastructure servers and firewalls, I have 2 friends that work for them. They run Gentoo as well, they prefer OpenBSD and are now using 3.5 with Carp & IFstated Enabled for quite a few of their firewalls.

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