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OpenBSD and Windows VPN

Contributed by grey on from the getting OpenBSD into more parts of your network dept.

Kiraly Zoltan writes in with:

A great deal of people are wondering what's the way to proceed a VPN connection between Windows and OpenBSD.

For first time computer users is not easy ,and due to this reason I created a web page in witch I share my experience using operation sistems able to provide a secure VPN connection.

VPN Configuration examples

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  1. By earx ( on

    Another one

  2. By Petr Ruzicka ( on

    And yet another one

    1. By Anonymous Coward (3ffe:bc0:dcd:0:7109:d6d7:f96e:49b0) on

      nice :)

  3. By Chad Loder ( on

    I'm frustrated that people still find it necessary to use 3rd-party VPN clients for Windows when the built-in Microsoft Windows 2000/XP client works fine in most situations.

    1. By Anonymous Coward (3ffe:bc0:dcd:0:d35:2cc3:882d:9b51) on

      Windows IPSec not support NAT-T

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          The funny thing is Chad is right now, but wrong when he posted his reply. The document he referred to specifies all of the RFCs their ipsec client conformed to, and not one of the NAT-T RFCs were listed. As I said though, as of about 4/2005 windows ipsec DOES support NAT-T

    2. By Hyb ( on

      From my experience, certainly with w2k, the builtin client is cumbersome and not nearly functional enough.

      Want to use AES quick mode encryption? Want to authenticate users and not machines? Hardware tokens?

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    another good site is: covers softremote and pgp setup + lots of other useful info.

  5. By Phillip Seaver ( on

    I use OpenVPN both to connect to work (OpenBSD -> Linux) and to allow friends to connect to my network for gaming (Windows -> OpenBSD). It was pretty easy to set up, especially compared to my IPsec experience.

    1. By kremlyn ( on

      OpenVPN is a fantastic piece of software. Given that it is based on the idea of having a 'virtual tunnel interface', setting up nat/pat traversal and other routing functionality is a breeze. I thoroughly recommend it as an excellent alternative to IPsec for most situations.

  6. By Kurt Miller ( on

    The NETGEAR ProSafe VPN client (VPN01L) = SafeNet SoftRemote LT client and it only costs $42 (US).
    It works fine with OpenBSD and SonicWall too.


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