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Kernel PPPoE for OpenBSD

Contributed by sean on from the when userland just isn't good enough dept.

Waldemar Brodkorb writes: A german fan site has relaunched his website ( and shortly after this, a member of our community has released an unofficial source code patch with a port of NetBSD's kernel pppoe implementation for OpenBSD 3.5. Merith is asking for more beta testers and feedback for his patch. Link to the german article:

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  1. By Eduardo Alvarenga ( on

    I know it's too soon to make any speculations but has anyone made any benchmark tests?

    1. By Mitja Muzenic ( on

      As one of the initial testers I can give you a rough estimate from my home firewall: on my Pentium 100 box CPU usage has gone down to approx. 1/10th of the original. Specifically, depending on traffic type and other undeterministic reasons, userland ppp + pppoe could reach up to 90% CPU. With David's kernel pppoe driver CPU usage has dropped drastically and reaches up to 9% (in interrupts) on my box, typically hangs around 4%. Another thing worth mentioning is that my physical NIC is ISA - I expect cpu usage in irqs to drop down even more when I switch to a PCI NIC. Here is my CPU usage graph showing the migration from userland to kernel pppoe. The big spike after switching to kernel pppoe is a build and is not pppoe related, the minor spikes are generated by pppoe (as you can see from the color). The previous spikes indicate load generated by userland pppoe while downloading.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        that's nice to see. here[1] is another benchmark which shows that the
        netbsd kernel pppoe performs very well. there[2] are some comments, too.

  2. By inglf00 ( on

    congratulation ... the site is very nice! :-)

  3. By Jedi/Sector One ( on

    This is excellent. The load average of my Soekris Net4801 box dramatically decreased with the in-kernel pppoe driver.

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I have to ask..... What are the chances of this diff being reviewed and incorporated into the official kernel CVS?

  5. By Anakha ( on

    Is there anyone who knows where I can get this patch. The link metionned in the article doesn't work anymore. Thanks

    1. By bob ( on

      try insentd. best bob

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