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Installing the Greylisting Milter

Contributed by jose on from the anti-spam-and-virus-measures dept.

Chris Paul has written a document describing how to set up the greylisting RelayDelay milter on OpenBSD 3.4. OpenBSD's sendmail doesn't come with milter enabled (but it is easy to rebuild it to support milter). His doc is here:

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  1. By James A. Peltier () on

    Is there a listing for all the options like WANT_LIBMILTER=1 If there is where is it?

  2. By Aasmund () on

    that killed a lot of spam!

  3. By Postfixer () on

    As i am using postfix, anyone know it this would work under that as well ?

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Spamd has greylisting support in -current, and its much more effecient. You can even offload the greylisting portion to a seperate box in front of your mail server using spamd. Plus its MTA independant.

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