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3.4 Upgrade Information

Contributed by jose on from the a.out->ELF dept.

A couple of things to note as 3.4 starts to get in peoples' hands and they find out about the upgrade procedure for i386 (a.out to ELF). Todd Miller has this message which may help you:
You can copy: to your 3.3 machine's root filesystem and boot off it. It is an a.out 3.4 kernel with the normal 3.4 ELF filesystem embedded in it. This is how I upgraded a machine remotely via serial console...
Also remember this earlier piece from OpenBSD Journal on upgrading your a.out i386 system to ELF.

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  1. By Brent Graveland () on

    The linked story points you to the a.out -> elf doc, and on the top of that one there is a link to the new 3.3 -> 3.4 doc.

    It will likely have more information in the near future, but for now the doc has been confirmed by a few people to work.

    The new doc is at

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