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OpenBSD @ Webbit 2003
Contributed by jose on Sat May 3 11:10:00 2003 (GMT)
from the yet-another-eurocon dept.

Giacomo Cariello writes: "OpenBSD people will attend at Italian Webbit 2003 Event ( ), which will be held on May, 9th-11th in Padova. Wim Vandeputte and myself will host a stand with t-shirts, cds and posters, so don't hesitate to show up in the BSD arena. Send mail to to get free one-day tickets. Several OpenBSD-related talks will be given, for a complete list check out these pages: (OpenBSD) (OpenBEER) (BSD Italia)"
Again, wish I was going ... alas, no time to go visit Italy. Send a trip report!


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  Going from Spain(Barcelona) (mod 4/52)
by drio on Mon May 5 06:26:00 2003 (GMT)
  I am trying to convince a friend of mine. We will
go by car.
I have send an email requesting a free
ticket for the event but I have not get answer yet.
We are looking for hotels and so on. Is there any advice you can give about this topic?
BTW, I suppose that more of the conferences will be in english, is this right?
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