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  Re: No Subject Given (mod 3/97)
by The Mighty Fool ( on Sat Jan 15 11:15:55 2005 (GMT)
  > This is like saying if you like opebsd you obviously don't know that > much cause freebsd is better. OTOH... that could really be like saying, if u like eating faeces, you obviously don't know that much cos food is definitely better. >> it requires extensive testing to see if the obscure syntax worked the >> way I intended. > > Well, don't blame others if you can't write decent iptables rulesets. i have to agree with you on this one. And that is why, today, i am still using a flip-switch to do all my interfacing and programming with my computer - instead of using my keyboard, or mouse. I don't blame the machine if i can't write decent binary (not mnemonic) assembly. The tool does not truly matter!!!
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