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  Re: What do you mean (mod -1/97)
by Anonymous Coward on Thu Mar 27 04:01:00 2003 (GMT)
  You are not a copyright lawyer or even someone who pretends to be one, or if you got advice from one, he was high, down, drunk (that's one, the other, or both depending on his brain pathways and alcohol consumption) or mentally fubar'd.

Copyright law, at least in the US, gives certain rights which, if not explicitly stated via license or sale or contract or whatever (e.g. all rights reserved actually no longer needed because all rights reserved is a given under present law), the copyright holder retains.

Such categories include use, distribution, and copying. You can grant none, all, or some combination of them (e.g. a bookstore has the right to distribution of the original copy (and right of first sale allows them to sell used or previously sold copies) but doesn't not have the right to photocopy and then sell that photocopy).

Knowing this, read the IPF license. Compare to other licenses. What's Reed's license missing? Yup.

If you missed it, the utterly funny thing about the license that is so obtusely obvious is that it does not give you the right to copy. Again, you can't "assume" intent under the law--copyright holders gain the benefit of the doubt. Redistribution is distribution rights, which is NOT the same as copying (e.g. a library distributes, a bookstore distributes via sale, a bookstore does not copy). Use is code use (running on your machine), which is needed.

But there is no right to copy granted by the license. Hello? Who wrote this crap? Plainly not BSD.
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