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  Re: iptables (mod 5/95)
by Alejandro Belluscio ( on Wed Mar 26 16:59:00 2003 (GMT)
  Even though its got a "stateful inspection" it's not a theoretically perfect adherence to the standards. With ICMP and UDP it's the same as PF, but on TCP it doesn't correctly uses the sequence number window. Someone else has written here that there's a patch around. But it's not a default option. In ay case is not a tested as PF.
Regarding the connection tracking, PF might have a fewer modules. But consider protocols that don't work with NAT brain dead (you can't really defend FTP, and the SIP cometee is unforgivable, but surely it was made on purpose).
Besides it has modulationof state and rendomization of IP IDs. This means a real increase in security.
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