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  Re: What do you mean (mod 0/96)
by Anonymous Coward on Wed Mar 26 07:46:00 2003 (GMT)
  The license only restricts the licensing of the source, not the binaries. You can make commertial programs with the source as long as the code remains under this license.
In essence, it's developed to garantee the freedom of developers, infact, I think this is the best license I've seen; becuase, 1, it makes it possible to make money of the software and also keeping to code to oneself, unlike GNU crap I might add, and 2, guarantee that any code released to public can be incorperated back into IPF.

This is a perfect for all parties. Personally, I'm with the 4 clausul BSDL or public domain, but this should be a valuable asset in battleing GNU's continuing ripping BSD code and not contributing it back.
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