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  Re: iptables (mod 6/96)
by Anonymous Coward on Wed Mar 26 06:06:00 2003 (GMT)
  Iptables is hard to configure compared to IPF or PF. Long options, you have to run their program in order to set each rule (iptables this, iptables that). Plus for bandwidth control you need other separate tools which are even more obscure.

IPF and PF are very easy to figgure out. PF also has very useful additional features. If you want to add some temporary rules you just invoke `ipf -f -' and write your rules, the ctrl+c. This is just beautiful! And ALTQ has a very easy to understand, sane configuration fime compared to those Linux tools.

Don't get me wrong. I am using Linux mostly for the desktop and FreeBSD on servers. Both work fine. I just hate iptables syntax.
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