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  Re: iptables (mod 3/93)
by Anonymous Coward on Wed Mar 26 03:26:00 2003 (GMT)
  Let's just say you'll never hear "well, I'd love to use *BSD, but I just can't live without IPTables!"

IPF and PF make more sense to myself personally. Some people prefer the more command-oriented (as opposed to file-oriented) rule style of IPFW and IPTables. In IPF/PF, you just edit a file with your rules, and can change the state of the firewall with a control utility. With IPTables and IPFW, you add/change/delete rules with the same utility, often through a shell script or some such. I'd go for IPFW over IPTables, since

- it runs under FreeBSD
- its syntax isn't a horrible mess of command-line arguments.

I haven't run into anything that I can do with Linux/IPTables that I can't do with the alternatives.
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      Re: iptables (-1/95) by Anonymous Coward on Wed Mar 26 21:36:00 2003 (GMT)

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