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  What do you mean "another"? (mod 3/107)
by Anonymous Coward on Tue Mar 25 22:50:00 2003 (GMT)
  Maybe a nitpick, but I think it's an important one for those that might care about licenses on their projects or commercial endeavors, although I could be wrong in my impressions of the licensing situation...

I was under the impression that IPF is not under a BSD or X like license.

PF is under the BSD license for sure. IPF is, or at least was, not--one of the reasons PF had to be developed is that IPF did not adhere to the BSD license. IPF's creator, Reed, would not change it. Also why IPF was removed entirely from OBSD default.

Unless Reed changed the IPF license, something only he can do due to copyright, and last I heard Reed was saying (but wasn't doing) he would make the license adaptable and favorable to those he liked (which totally sidesteps the point of a BSD license; but maybe for FreeBSD folks, it is under a true BSD license), what other firewall besides PF is both stateful and under a true BSD (or X like) license?
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