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  Re: iptables (mod -14/104)
by Dries Schellekens on Tue Mar 25 22:30:00 2003 (GMT)
  I thought that IPTABLES did stateful inspection ( mentions it does for instance).
Are you sure.

According to tcp-window-tracking still is a patch and enabled by default.

In some Linux French Magazine some guy mentionned in some IPTABLES/NETFILTER vs PF comparison that :
- PF lacks some modules to follow some connections that Netfilter offers.
Example: IRC module (for DCC traffic)

Look at ports net/tircproxy

- PF lacks fronts-end (IPTABLES offer many)

There exist plenty of GUIs to create PF rules: fwbuilder , WallFire , SOFI , ... (lots of tools are listed on Daniel's website )

- PF lacks load-balancing

This is one of the new feature in OpenBSD 3.3.
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      Re: iptables (12/100) by Dries Schellekens on Tue Mar 25 22:32:00 2003 (GMT)

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