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y Patches 013 and 026 address Kerb4 weakness
Contributed by jose on Mon Mar 24 19:35:00 2003 (GMT)
from the waste-not-want-not dept.

Thanks to the heads up from Todd Miller:

There is a cryptographic weaknesses in the Kerberos v4 protocol (this is not something that is fixable in Kerberos v4). Sites still using Kerberos v4 should migrate to Kerberos v5. Kerberos v5 does not have this weakness, but since it contains v4 to v5 translation services it is still possible to exploit the v4 protocol defect.

For more information, please see the MIT Advisory .

The following patches cause Kerberos v4 requests from foreign realms to be ignored unless support for this is explicitly enabled ....

The aforementioned patches have already been applied to the 3.1 and 3.2 -stable branches.

The files for 026_kerberos.patch (for 3.1-stable) and 013_kerberos.patch (for 3.2-stable) are making their way around the FTP servers. Thank you, Todd.


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